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My current work combines textiles with encaustics. The hot wax of encaustics creates immediate results, yet the surfaces can continually be reworked… scraped back, melted, more wax layered; dyed or stitched fabric embedded between layers of wax results in transparencies and a physical yet mysterious sense of depth. I want the viewer to be conscious of “process” and the act of “making.” My process calls for continual change, reworking and response to chance occurrences with the molten wax.

The starting point for these constructed pieces is often a text: a phrase I stumble upon in a book… a comment spoken to me or overheard. One text is juxtaposed against another, often contrasting narrative. Both stories are brought into a visual conversation, sometimes the verbal adds to the meaning of the visual, and other times they contradict. Within the context of the work I hope to create a reminder that there is no one, true, fixed story.

Maria Latour